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Dash of Blush Designs is a source of inspiration for all things stylish. Everywhere I look, I see potential to decorate a room, bring to life the theme of a party, or even style our family photo-shoot with the perfect outfit combo for my family of three. My expertise is bargain shopping and creating a luxurious feel without spending a fortune! I may splurge a little here or there, but don't tell hubby that jejeje!


During the past decade, I have helped family and close friends design dashing events and provided home decor tips. It only took me, ah maybe, about five years before I took them seriously and decided to take the leap and start sharing my love for style and design with everyone. My interest in event design really took off after planning my wedding in 2012.  Since that day,  I have been the go-to helper for many weddings, baby showers,  birthday parties, and just about any celebration and providing countless home decor tips!

The creative spirit in me has existed since childhood. As a young girl, I danced ballet and performed at the Naples Philharmonic with the Miami-City Ballet in the Nutcracker for several consecutive years. I than participated in competitive jazz throughout high school until I left for college and till this day, I love oil painting and scrapbooking.

Fashion is a part of our everyday life and I truly belief that taking the time to dress comfortable and stylish helps create positive self esteem and makes each day more enjoyable.

So...the tone of my last sentence shares another part about me that most people don't know. I studied psychology in college and became a medico-legal death investigator. I know...wowza...bet you didn't see that coming! Basically that means that I have a small background in medicine and law to conduct investigations along side law enforcement to assist doctors in determining cause and manner of deaths. I am currently the Director of Operations for the Medical Examiner in my hometown. 

I am your full-time working mom, wife, daughter and friend! This busy bee here decided to blog about her love of style as an outlet for stress relief and to do something that truly brings me so much joy!

I hope you enjoy my design style and how it translates into the love I have for creating happy memories for family life. 


- Meet My Family -

This is my handsome husband Marlon! We met during my senior year of high school and his first year of college. Marlon decided to join me at Florida State University and we got engaged during our senior year.  Our wedding, in 2012,  was a few years after college graduation.  

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And this is little Liam! He is the sweetest boy and most active of them all. Liam was born in 2015 and like they say, he changed our world completely. 

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