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Safari Mickey - Liam's 2nd Birthday


Mickey Mouse basically rules the house of any 2 year old bThe toys, the TV,  Disney trips and well...the birthday party. Last year for Liam's second birthday, I knew I wanted to do a Mickey theme because that is all he liked at the moment, but wanted to find an alternative to the traditional red-color theme and decided to blend a safari look with Mickey! 


Liam's first birthday we had a Circus theme with well over 100 guests. Yup, that many! Between both sides of the family, close friends, and daycare kiddos; the guest list adds up quickly. We knew that we needed a bit of a break for his second birthday since our new home was under construction . Sometimes cutting the guest list gets hard, especially when you don't want to offend anyone. So we decided to host an all day affair for the kids ONLY. 

The biggest expense in any event is food and beverage. And well...in Florida...a tent with chairs and lots of fans is a necessity in May! We decided to focus on providing Liam and his daycare friends a truly fun-filled day rather than having another huge birthday party. The savings when you are only purchasing food, beverages, and rentals for kid activities makes a big difference. Think of it this way, for every daycare friend, the total number of invitees for that family is at least 3 (siblings and parents). 


Liam's second birthday was hosted at his daycare. I took the day off to help with all the activities and to spend the day watching Liam have fun with his little friends.  In the morning they had water slides for the older kids and a baby pool for the little-little ones. There was buckets full of water balloons and outside games. For food, well what kid doesn't love pizza and ice cream! After nap time, a train cart gave them rides throughout the property and mini horse for those that liked animals. We also rented a regular bounce house and a face painter and balloon artist. 

The goal of his second party was to save money, but primarily to focus on giving the kids a fun day! Some other tips to save money is the DIY method for just about anything. I spent many weeknights creating the invitations by hand and ordering various printing samples through Etsy. I re-purposed linens I had and only ordered the zebra print runner to give it the safari look. Used real plants as the center piece and ordered through Amazon safari plastic hats for all the kids.  I cut-out Mickey ears using back foam and inserted them through a slit on the plastic hat. 


We held the cake-cutting at 6PM in order to allow time for family to arrive from work and asked the parents to pick-up their kids later than usual. The party was a success! The kids had a ton of fun, mommy & daddy saved a ton, and family was able to come and wish Liam a Happy Birthday! 

The idea of hosting an only-kids-birthday came from the sleep-over idea from older kids. Consider this alternative if you're in a pinch or for some reason not able to host a large event one year. And, well, it gives more room in the budget for decor...jejejeje! 


Comment below ideas for Liam's next birthday theme!! We are exactly one month away!



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