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Baby Blues

Affordable Baby Blue Shower

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The joy of baby showers is the beautiful pastel colors and infinite themes! This simple, yet beautiful, shower is the perfect definition of a party on a budget. Most items featured where purchased at the dollar store, borrowed and hand made. Every expecting mother is deserving of a beautiful shower and that is what she received.  


The shower was thrown in a home. Location is sometimes difficult to find and extremely pricey with many limitations on food or beverages. I personally love the garden look for a shower, but during rainy season its nearly impossible, specially in Florida with the heat and humidity.  

Believe it or not, the charger plates are from the dollar store. I went to all five stores in town collecting them. The material is melamine, durable and the best part is they can be reused. It has this beautiful white checkered border. Baby blue plastic plates were placed on top for appetizers and decorated with a white bow tie napkin and blue pastel ribbon. 

The one thing that I never like to budge on is tablecloths. And guess what...they too can be affordable because you get to reuse them which means more savings! 

The centerpiece vase and pebbles are also from the dollar store. Beautiful white and blue daisies were ordered from amazon in bulk. 


Anything you can make yourself will always save a bit on your budget. Printing your own signs and tying them with string is a perfect example. Somethings are worth purchasing rather than making, such as the baby necklaces for the word game.  E-bay and amazon have many sales on small baby shower items such as these. Always look online before paying full price in retail stores. 


And last but not least is a fun photo booth! Gather old Halloween props, paint a frame and find a perfect neutral wall to use as your backdrop. 


Using items you have in your home, giving them a touch up, and purchasing affordable pieces can make any party a dashing success. I was so happy to help the expecting mother in throwing a baby shower for her little boy! I hope you can use this as inspiration for your next baby shower, whether small or large.