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Kate Spade Inspired Bridal Shower - Her Legacy

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Last year I helped throw a Kate Spade inspired bridal shower for one of my girlfriends, @ismifindsbalance , who lives by all things Kate Spade. I decided to bring this party from the archives and share our love for Kate Spade. The world of fashion benefited from Kate's ability to infuse color, whimsical styles, and above all classic designs that are perfect for city girls, suburban housewife, mother and daughter's alike.

Kate Spade achieved the introduction of affordable luxury by providing middle-class American's the ability to bring her style into their wardrobe and homes. She was not only a trend-setter in fashion, but the perfect "#bosslady" and business woman.

Kate Spade brought her style and quirky patterns to home decor and the party industry. Ismi's bridal shower was filled with laughter, champagne bubbles and lots of pink, striped and polka dots! It was a memorable and affordable bridal shower. Kate Spade will be missed and her legacy will continue to live in events like this one.


Ismi had a vision for her bridal shower and the collaboration between several stylish woman helped achieve this gorgeous celebration in her home. The first trick to throwing a party at home is to clean the house out! We took out everything; all the furniture, wall hangings, etc. Collaboration and borrowing items always keeps the cost down, but when that's not possible, chair and table rentals is still the better option than renting party space in a hotel or restaurant. 


The second best tip to keeping costs down is to start purchasing white or black table linens from wholesale companies. Like your little black dress, white and black linens can be used at almost every single party. So next time you have a party, all you have to purchase is a table runner to tie in the theme of the party. I've linked some amazing online stores where you can find very affordable linens below.

After linens, the next key pieces to any party is the centerpieces and cake! The centerpiece vases are also items that you can keep recycling for your future parties. I purchased gold glitter paper from Michael's Craft Store and cut it a little bit to be able to fit it inside the vase cylinder. Not only is it more vibrant than painting the vases, but it continues to be a usable vase. By adding the colored and textured paper, the vase gives the table a more cohesive look. 

While you're at the Dollar Store, or at a few of them in town tracking down vases, try to also find the best quality faux flowers you can there. After you've found the best quality flowers you can spot, than  you go to Michael's Crafts or Joan's Fabrics (with coupons if you can!)  to complete your flower arrangements. Every flower arrangement needs green inserts, some white or green flowers. You can continue re-using the greenery inserts for your future flower arrangements. Depending on the theme of the party, you purchase select pieces that fit the flower preference of the honored guest or color scheme of the party. For this theme, I went searching for bright pink flowers to incorporate in the flower arrangements I had pre-made. I am a huge fan of fresh flowers, but sometimes to keep costs down, faux flowers is the trick. If you spend your time finding good quality ones, trust me the appearance will be just fine. It is also a HUGE time saver to have these done before the day of the party. 

The Bride-to-be had a few cake designs in mind. I took a bit of each design and combined it to create this beautiful piece and suprised her the day of the party. She was soooo happy to see a piece of each cake design she chose.  The cake always brings together the theme of the party, color scheme, and design.

The Bride-to-be, very much like me, likes to be a part of the design process and purchased and created all the cute sayings and small detailed touches found throughout the party. It may be traditional for the Bride to be surprised by the shower, but the modern woman wants to be a part of the design process. I think she loved being a part of it and it brought her more joy and satisfaction to see the final product come to life.  

This is Ismi- The Bride

This is Ismi- The Bride

For backdrops we used wrapping paper and taped it very carefully to the wall. Every party now a days needs a photo booth area as well. We created one by layering gold and pink party frill and cut the strips so that you could see both colors. I handmade a frame using a recycled cardboard box. Using a sharp precise cutting knife, I made the cuts and than paper wrapped it and printed and glued the flower details. It makes it much easier to lift and hold up (specially after a few glasses of bubbly). 

The food and bubble bar was all produced by the the Bride. She had a vision for brunch style appetizers and a do-it-yourself mimosa bubble bar. It was all sooooo delicious and surely made all the guests very happy. Although it is not a part of the design process, food and beverages are super important. After all, that is what keeps the party going!  

I must say, the Kate Spade theme bridal shower was super fun to put together and so easy! The best suggestion I can make when planning a party is to draw from each others strengths and come together to throw the best party. It is very difficult to do it all your self. If you must, than perhaps cater the food and start putting things together well in advance.

I can't wait to read @ismifindsbalance blog post about her Bridal Shower (this one ;) ) and her take on the inspiration, food selection and her favorite details about the party! 

Below is a gallery of pictures and links to purchase many of the featured items from the party! Don't forget to pin-away to your pinterest board! Thanks again for stopping by! 


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