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Soft Pastel Pinks for Easter Tablescape

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Easter is a joyful timethat brings peace and happiness, especially to me. For some reason, of all the holidays, I love waking up to Easter Sunday knowing that we are going to spend a beautiful family day together and enjoy a delicious brunch. Some years we go out and others we stay in. This will be our first Easter in the new house and I am so excited to sit at our fluffy-pink decorated table and take a moment to enjoy family time. Although I love Thanksgiving, cooking is an all day affair. So when it comes to hosting a holiday, I must say that Easter is a little bit easier on the stress radar. 

As you all can tell, I am a sucker for all things blush pink. So, yes, I did have to create a pink look for this tablescape! You really can't go wrong when decorating for Easter with all the options in the stores. The best part is that most of it can be used throughout Spring! I usually purchase just a few items with bunnies and the rest neutral items like a tulip reef that can last a few more weeks in the house decor.

The best time to purchase holiday decor items is a few days right before the holiday or right afterwards. So if you have your eye on a neutral item, wait till the day before the holiday. With smaller holidays like Easter, I wouldn't suggest going after it because most likely it is sold out or has been already moved off the shelve. Since it is a smaller holiday compared to Christmas, the stores do not tend to have small quantity of products on the shelves. Now, I do recommend that if it does have bunny ears or you absolutely love it (like those bunny napkin table ears) that you do get them immediately! 

I was able to link all the tablescape details for you on my Shop link with the exception of the egg platter. The platter was from Kirkland and is already sold out. I did share another link for an egg platter that is full of character and adorable. 

The gold silverware from Bed Bath and Beyond is on-sale right now, so hurry up and purchase it. These are a classic item for any tableset! 


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