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Our New Home

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Our first home was a beautiful two-story house in a suburban community. I really enjoyed afternoon walks with a beautiful view of the lake in the backyard. But once little Liam was born, we realized a two-story home was not for us! The trips up and down the stairs along with our two puppies, Scooby & Daisy, was just too much. 


We decided to build our dream home and down-sized a bit. The cleaning and maintenance along with a baby adds up. I'm a full-time working mom and a bit OCD when it comes to cleanliness and organization. Those who know me personally are probably saying, "little bit?!" 

We decided to build with Laram Construction and we are so happy with Eric and his team! He was there for us through entire process, from picking the best lot to meeting with us late at night to pick colors for the house. All in all, with a pool, construction took about 9 months. We went with a modern look and straight/squared lines on the house instead of the standard colonial look that is very prominent in SWFL. The house flows just right and the high tray ceilings brighten up every room and make everything feel more grandeur. 

Although open floor plans seem to be in, I am a sucker for formal sitting areas. My husband tends to control the TV in the family room during football season and I love sitting in the living room reading a book or catching up with friends on the phone. My mother always likes to have the formal living room perfectly styled for visitors and that is exactly what I did!  

The house interior design still has a long way to go to provide a cozy home feel and more character. Since I am a planner and have so many ideas for the property, I promised the hubby that I would do one room at a time. I wish I could have all my design visions turn into reality overnight, but the truth is that you have to be patient and wait for sales! 


For now, I am sharing the formal living and dinning room, our den and kitchen, and the office. For the most part, the design is contemporary with a dash of mid-modern pieces and traditional/glam feel. In our new home I wanted a bright look and used white and light grey colors as the base. In our old home we had cream tones and I have to say that my mood every morning feels more lively. I am typically not a morning person at all and can see such a huge difference in me just by having different colors in the house. I know it may sound crazy, but trust me, it is real!  We also chose large square windows and sliders, rather than french doors, because the large glass lets more light in. My favorite photographer, of all time, Beatrize Arronte Photography, loved shooting in the interior decor pictures featured in this blog because external lighting is just right!  


For now, the master bedroom, guest bedroom, laundry room and patio have a while to go before I share. But stay tuned...I will provide you details of each room as they are completed. 

Thanks for reading and check out my Instagram or Shop My Style frequently for details on all design products I incorporate into the house.