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Teeth Whitening at Home! Coffee & Wine Stain Remover


For years I’ve wanted to do a teeth whitening treatment, especially because I am HUGE coffee and wine drinker! I feel best when I am smiling and as you can all tell, I am always smiling and laughing, but often feel that my teeth are not pearly white. I have purchased every toothpaste available that advertises "teeth whitening" and brush, brush and brush some more hoping for whiter results. To my disappointment, nothing happens!

I am so happy that I finally found and tried a true professional home kit whitening system that provides real results and doesn't break the bank! Smile Brilliant provides custom fitted trays, the same whitening gel used by dentists, and desensitizing gel to use at home.

My intimidation with professional teeth whitening began with the expensive price points of $300 or more. I had actually asked my dentist about whitening before Smile Brilliant reached out to me to try their product and my dentist was offering a sale for a one time home treatment option with generic home trays for $300. The technician basically shared that after a few weeks of going back to normal consumption of staining foods, my teeth would revert back to its current yellow dullness. I decided I was not going to spend that kind of money for a few weeks of whiter teeth.

Over the past few years I turned to at home treatments such as dental strips and homemade turmeric charcoal pastes. The main issue with these home treatments, aside from a non-lasting effect, is that they were THE cause to my tooth and gum sensitivity. The home remedies I tried after a little Pinterest search can cause enamel erosion if used long term. Thankfully, I stopped after a couple of tries because it felt so weird and it would only have temporary effectiveness. The whitening strips, although FDA approved, seriously caused the most sensitivity and I could not continue the kit due to the uncomfortable feeling they caused.


Needless to say, when I finally decided to try Smile Brilliant, I was slightly afraid of the possible sensitivity, but I felt at ease because they provide a desensitizing gel after each whitening session and tips such as putting a little Vaseline or coconut oil on your gums during the whitening sessions to help reduce any discomfort. I was shocked when I experience absolutely NO sensitivity or discomfort on most sessions! I honestly could not believe that I avoided professional whitening all these years. After only 3 sessions, my husband and I could see natural lighter tones in my teeth. My teeth weren’t terribly yellow to begin with as you can see in the before and after pictures below. The treatment took away the dull light yellow appearance.


The kit comes with three whitening and desensitizing gel syringes that you spread into your personalized teeth trays. Smile Brilliant provides the materials to make your molds at home and the blue envelope to send them back to the lab. They recommend spreading one syringe into 3 treatments, but I was able to get 5 treatments from it! Once you complete your whitening treatment, if you have a left over syringe, you can place it in the fridge for up to 2 years and reuse when you need a little freshen up on your whiter smile.



The custom trays fit your teeth perfectly! This will allow the gel to reach every area of your teeth and provide a complete whitening experience. My favorite part about the trays is that I could go on about my day while whitening and talk! It looks and feels just like clear braces. I am a full time working mom and since I am always on the run, being able to do the treatment and continue with my day helped a ton for those days that I was not able to do the treatment at night.



Mix the catalyst and base paste into a ball and roll out into a long log to put into the top and bottom tray. It is important to do one tray at a time to avoid the paste from hardening before you make the impressions. They provide an extra set of the paste in case you need to redo one of the sets.

After the paste is in the blue mold tray, insert the tray into your teeth, allowing the paste squeeze out into your gums and keep on for about a minute and a half. I used my phone timer to make sure I kept it on for the required time. Remove them gently by bringing the tray down and not scraping the mold by pulling it forward. After the bottom and top mold sits and hardens for 30 minutes, rinse under cold water and allow to air dry before shipping them to the lab.



Once you receive the trays back its time to start whitening. It is recommended that you do the treatment at night to avoid drinking or restraining your teeth after a treatment because the pores are more exposed. I tried my best to do it at night for about 1 to 2 hours if we had dinner early enough, but if I knew we had plans that evening, I did the treatment after breakfast and made sure to avoid drinking or eating for at least 2 hours after it. I wore the clear trays once to work and no one ever noticed or commented about it. I could talk very easily with the trays on and went about my day. Since I am always on-the-go, this was the best and easiest part about it.

Brush your teeth with water only before putting the trays on with whitening gel. My first session I put the timer on for 45 minutes and increased my treatment time to 1- 2 hours depending on my schedule. The maximum recommended time by Smile Brilliant is 3 hours. I experienced no sensitivity afterwards or days later. Cleaning excess gel from my gums with a wet q-tip helped reduce my chances of sensitivity. Also, using less gel in the trays in the beginning until you can determine your sensitivity level is the best tip I can provide.

Wash your teeth with toothpaste after the treatment and rinse your trays. Dry them gently and fill them with the desensitizing gel and use the trays for 20 minutes. Afterwards spit out any residue without rinsing your mouth. Use cold water to rinse out your trays.



After 7 sessions my results are noticeably whiter. My teeth were not overly stained, but I finally feel that I have my version of true pearly whites. As I mentioned earlier, I like the natural look of white teeth - meaning not overly bright white. If you wish to obtain a brighter white look, make sure to do each session for 2-3 hours every time and do the treatment for a longer period of time. I do recommend to take a break for a day or do only a 45 minute session if you did a 3 hour session the day before. I only experienced sensitivity during the treatment on days that I did long sessions the day before.

Image-1 (2).jpg


The kit is priced at $149. Although it may seem pricey, keep in mind it has custom fit trays, uses the same gel that dentists use, and it has no sensitivity (small chance depending on your dental history). Most importantly, the leisure and ability to do this on your time is what made this experience the easiest for me while providing true visible results in a week.


Their site, Smile Brilliant, has an incredible product and tons of tips for removing stains from your teeth.




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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

oh yeah pic.jpg

This is the time of year that I stock up on my favorites for fall and of course, the pricey items because they are on major SALE! Trust me, if they weren't, I wouldn't be purchasing them. 

 I am very serious my friends when I say "lets style life affordably" :) 

Why is this SALE so big? 

Nordstrom's anniversary sale seriously discounts the price of fall and customer all-time favorite items for a few weeks. I re-stock on some of my favorite beauty products and select a few essential statement pieces for my fall wardrobe. The thing with this sale is that the popular items sell very FAST! The trick is to purchase any and all items you are considering and return it later. Nordstrom is one of the best retailers that make online or in-person purchases super easy to return. Here is the link to the catalog and if you would like early access, apply here! 

When does the sale start? 

- Here is the breakdown -
July 11 - This is for the very special VIP guests that are level 4 cardholders. Yup, you read correctly. 
July 12 - Early Access Sale for Nordstrom Card Holders have first dibs on all the items. This is usually when popular items are purchased. 
July 20 - It is time for EVERYONE to shop! 
August 5 - Last day of the Sale! So hurry up and buy that last item you were doubtful before it goes back to full price. 

Plan for the Sale!

 I like to make a "want" and "needs" list. This year my needs are definitely a new pair of jeans, shoes (booties- after all, I do live in Florida), and hats! You may not see me wearing them to much..but I am a sucker for fall hats. My "wants" which in my mind are more of a necessity is re-stocking beauty products. Below I am linking all my favorite items that are in my check-out bag. 


Hurry & join me and everyone else saving a ton of money on fall items! 



Sephora Sale 2018!


Sephora is currently having a sale this weekend for members and you can receive 10% or 15% off everything this weekend only! Yes, I said everything! This is the time to stock up on your must-haves and wants of all time. 


Although make-up products are in every girls make-up bag, my favorite items to purchase are skin care products. I personally feel that no make-up will look good or feel right on if you are not taking care of your skin. 

Over the past few months my skin has started to change, age I guess lol,  and I am definitely crying about it. One thing that I learned recently is that over applying can clog up your pores just as much as the daily make-up routine. Knowing that just a dab of any serum or moisturizer can go a long way will help you SAVE money and make the product last. 

The second tip that I added to my routine is micellar water. After I remove my make-up and wash my face, I use a cotton pad and wipe down my face with miceral water. You will be amazed how much dirt is still picked up. 


Here are the steps to clean your face and prep it before applying make-up. Not only will this help your face have a flawless appearance, but it will help protect it, especially if age is creeping up on you like me. 

1. Remove Make-Up

2. Wash Face

3. Clean with Micellar Water and cotton pad

4. Spray Toner

5. Apply Serum (small dab)

6. Appy Moisterizer (small dab) & Eye Cream


My long-time favorite products are from Caudalie and La Mer. Caudalie is made from grape water and La Mer from a miracle broth inspired by the sea. So right now, it is the time to purchase the smaller sizes from Sephora with a discount code!! Click below and purchase these mus-haves. I swear, your skin will feel refreshed, a true clean feeling, and soft. 




Below I am also linking my favorite toners and serums. 



Fresh Rose Water Serum

Mario Badescu Aloe & Cucumber Toner

Herb Essence Coconut Water Toner

Caudalie Micellar Water, Toner, Serum & Moisterizer, Gentle Milk Cleanser, Foaming Cleanser

La Mer Soft Cream Moisterizer & Lip Balm