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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

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This is the time of year that I stock up on my favorites for fall and of course, the pricey items because they are on major SALE! Trust me, if they weren't, I wouldn't be purchasing them. 

 I am very serious my friends when I say "lets style life affordably" :) 

Why is this SALE so big? 

Nordstrom's anniversary sale seriously discounts the price of fall and customer all-time favorite items for a few weeks. I re-stock on some of my favorite beauty products and select a few essential statement pieces for my fall wardrobe. The thing with this sale is that the popular items sell very FAST! The trick is to purchase any and all items you are considering and return it later. Nordstrom is one of the best retailers that make online or in-person purchases super easy to return. Here is the link to the catalog and if you would like early access, apply here! 

When does the sale start? 

- Here is the breakdown -
July 11 - This is for the very special VIP guests that are level 4 cardholders. Yup, you read correctly. 
July 12 - Early Access Sale for Nordstrom Card Holders have first dibs on all the items. This is usually when popular items are purchased. 
July 20 - It is time for EVERYONE to shop! 
August 5 - Last day of the Sale! So hurry up and buy that last item you were doubtful before it goes back to full price. 

Plan for the Sale!

 I like to make a "want" and "needs" list. This year my needs are definitely a new pair of jeans, shoes (booties- after all, I do live in Florida), and hats! You may not see me wearing them to much..but I am a sucker for fall hats. My "wants" which in my mind are more of a necessity is re-stocking beauty products. Below I am linking all my favorite items that are in my check-out bag. 


Hurry & join me and everyone else saving a ton of money on fall items!